Who's Wrong: Kevin Hart vs Eniko Parish vs Extortionist vs yall........

As many of you may know Kevin Hart has been the center of attention for cheating on his pregnant wife. People are blaming all sides. Some blame Kevin. Some blame his wife, Eniko Parrish. Here's what I think.

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Whose wrong? Usher vs The thots

By now, we all know that Usher has been in the hot seat for spreading herpes.  He has already paid out $1 million and now faces another lawsuit for $40 million. That has to be the most money anyone has ever been paid for getting the herps. Hell, I'd take a case for a million bucks. It's not like they caught hiv. It ain't a terminal illness. It's just annoying and embarrassing and gross.

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5 things you need to successfully quit your job!

Are you thinking about quitting your job? Maybe you should. But before you do, I think they're a couple of things you need to take care of. Take it from someone who quit his job prematurely and has a nice bit of friends who have done the same. I think this check-list is something that you may not need to live and die by, but something you should definitely take a look at before you walk off the plantation.

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Twenty-Thirties: I quit my Job. Do I have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurial bug is alive and well and I have been bit! I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I was the kid who sold candy in middle school. I briefly had my own clothing line in high school. Well, actually I was just ironing designs onto t-shirts from my printer but in my head I was Sean John. Then of course there's my music, which is entrepreneurship in itself. Then there's this blog, podcasts, radio shows, being a real life host, promoter, and other things. I've always had it in me. However, I was never really successful. I watched other people do what I had been doing and experience success. WTF!! Which made me ask myself: Am I really suppose to be an entrepreneur??? 

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The Twenty-Thirties: How old is too old to still be pursuing a music career?

What's wrong with pursuing a career in music? What's wrong with following your dreams? What's wrong with pursing a career in anything if you can (almost) take care of yourself, are (sometimes) a responsible adult, family member, and citizen. I really don't see what the big deal is. Am I hurting someone by pursuing my dreams? I guess some may assume that I'm not being a valuable member to society.  And to be honest, I totally get it. 

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We support Monique!!!

When I first heard of the incident between Monique and Lee Daniels I supported her. It's hard out here for "black" actors and actresses. It's very disheartening to see us do this to each other. I always thought she was telling the truth about being black balled. I think the higher ups are use to "black" people doing whatever they say when it comes to their career (or anything). And of course when we give the least lil bit of attitude we are labeled "difficult". Below is a video of her explaing everything down to a T. Enjoy!