This guy made close to $1,000 on craigslist in a month


Craigslist can be cool. Sometimes the site is a little glitchy and you have to watch out for email spam, crazy people,  and people flagging your post for absolutely no reason at all.  But, besides that it's pretty cool. I usually use Craigslist to hire people for gigs. Grayson Bell uses it to find gigs for himself. Check out the article below and come back and tell me what you think.



Top podcast for money problems

Whether you're into podcasts or not, everyone should have at least one or two podcasts to help them become better with their finances. These debt free guys have a list of 20. A show I'm currently listening to on the list is Side Hustle Nation. Head over to their site and pick a couple out to listen to for yourself. Your welcome. 😉

Make money with Google Adsense

This blog article goes into deep detail on what Adsense is and how to work it. In a nutshell, google is paying you for every time someone views and clicks on an ad on your website.  I currently am an Adsense user (no those aren't my stats!) and it is how most bloggers make their first few bucks.  Check out the article and come back and let us me know how you felt!



Make money on IG

Alrighty folks, we all use ig waaaay too much to not be making money from it. If your truly interested in monetizing your ig, I picked a special article by Pauline Cabrera from She explains 5 creative ways to earn money on instagram. Check it out then come back and give us your opinion. Good luck


How to create Multiple Streams of Income

Check out this great article, podcast and blog from Black Power Couple Talaat and Tai.  They call their money journal His and Her Money.  This particular article deals with developing multiple income streams.

Come back and tell us what you think! 

This lady makes $6,000 a month off Pinterest

So, apparently you can make a living off of any kind of social media. Silas and Grace  discuss how to make it off of Pinterest and blogging. It's a great step by step read. Check it out and come back and tell us what you think. 


This Lady made $3,000 in her fifth month of blogging!

I need to read this myself! If you're thinking about being a blogger, check out what she has to say. It's definitely different from the usual "slow burn" path of blogging. Come back and let us know if it seems like bs.