Is Voting worth it?/ MY FIRST BLOG POST!!!!!!!

I get it! I get it!. Peopel faught for us to have the RIGHT to vote. I told a friend that and he then replied  "We also have the right to not vote." I never thought of it that way. Then I started thinking if voting was even that important. Do any of these politlicians have our best interest at heart? Are things gonna change depending on whose in office?  Are we waisting our time and energy hoping some political figure is gonna completely change the game in our favor. I mean, usually its either one guy/girl or the other. And they simply need a little over 50% of a regions vote to win. So half of yall will be mad for the next 4 years regardless. When you start thinking about the electorial college, a candidate can when the Presidency even if he has less of the popular vote. With all the tricks infront and behind the scenes, I ask the question: Is voting worth it?