Are #RealityTV Shows hurting #Society?

Is it just me, or has ratchetness been at an all time high? I blame realityTV! These shows love to go get the worse of the worse and put them and their story on TV infront of everyone to see. Everyone is shown in their worst light. They all act like they are Sophmores in high school. AND most of them are actually acting or turning up for the camers! Reality TV has gone from documentary type programs to Jerry Springer! All this fighting, cursing, and promiscuity can't be helping anything. 

Yes I'm guilty. I watch a show or two. I mean, who doesn't. EVERYTHING is a reality show! But to be honest, I don't have to. They really aren't entertaining anymore. Its the same couple of story lines rehashed. Or at least thats how it is on urban networks. These networks got our people looking horrible!!!

And now, turning up for the camera has gone from the TV to the cell phone. Everyone wants to fight and do some of the dumbest things ever infront or behind the camera just for some views or likes. Again, I blame reality TV.  What do you think? 

Are Reality TV Shows hurting Society?