Interview with Atlantic Records Artist Shamar @officialShamar_

Q.Who or what inspired you to do music?

A. I grew up on music, I grew up embodying artist like Joe, Jodeci, Usher when I got to the age 9, I remember asking myself what do I want to be in life,and music it, Some people don't know this but I didn't start as a singer, I started as a writer writing poems and then I began my career as a Singer.


Q.What got you your deal with Atlantic?

A. Hard know George a lot of people don't understand that your not going to make it overnight without putting that work in. I worked my ass off. I did shows, wrote hundreds of songs,did tv shows everything you could think of. I also got my deal by being true to my Talent and knowing what I want. I got a call from Steve at Atlantic and he saw that in me . He actually went to a few of my shows. He really watched me grow as an artist....and that made me better knowing that someone is watching...someone is listening to your music .'s it feel to be on a label? Whats the difference from indie?

It feels very good, I have a great team that is focused on my career and want nothing but the best for me, I have a great manager, I really don't know what I would do without him as my manager, because you come across a lot of shady people in the industry and its just very hard to find a real manager that is on their job , focused but also a manager that cares not just about your career but your everyday life...

I feel the difference between being Indie and signed is just the amount of work you have to put in, when your not signed and your indie, you have to make it happen yourself from the ground and up....


Tell me about your EP? 

My new Ep, "It Ain't All Bad" ....well first this is my first project where I just let all my cards on the table and just be me and accepting all my flaws as a human and as an artist. This Ep features 7 new songs and a bonus track...I recently put out my first single off the EP....called "Daddy" it was a fun record , I collaborated with one of my true brothers in this industry Tee Millay...and the song came out dope and its on the verge of being a ladies dance anthem, because no matter where I go, The ladies know that song , even if they haven't heard it before lol....but yeah the Ep is set to drop on December 6th , It will be a stream release ... Only because I'm currently working on my first album with Atlantic ... And I really need to focus....


Q.What do you think about or want to achieve when your writing?

A.I want people to understand me, My biggest fear is my fan not being able to understand my music...that's why I really work hard on the lyrical aspect of things more then anything else. I want people to know that I am a real artist singing about real life things....


Q.Tell me about the state of Rnb today?

A. I feel like r&b has definitely change, it's not what it used to be, everyone is talking about the same things , nobody is adding story lines to their projects , nobody is doing that extra work... And that's something I want to change....and I will change


Q.What are you bringing to RnB or music in general? what makes you different?

A.What makes me different is that I am not going to go in the booth like everything is all good with me if it ain't ...I'm going to sing everything how it really is....My label actually gave me full creativity for my album and that's something I will use to my fullest advantage ...



Q.Whats next for Shamar? 

A.My new album is next , it's going to be a classic album...I'm bringing a lot of soul to it and I'm bringing a live arrangement to my fans can feel my music, how I want them to feel it....I definitely have some other things coming up that I will be announcing next week ....Its a surprise George lol


Q.Where can we find you on social media?


OfficialShamar on Instagram

IAm Shamar on Facebook

OfficialShamar_ on Twitter 

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