#IsCollegeworthit? (#college)

I am in no way an advocate for dropping out of college. But in todays world, should we still teach high school students that college is their best option. Is higher education truly transforming our community or are we just being trained to help build someone else's dream? When we get these skills are we using them to help an entity that never helped us in the first place. Should we be considering other options that will help keep talent, ideas, and money in our own community or can we still do all that with college. And if so, are we? Is college truly helping or is it just another disctracion? Is is just another way for the govenment to make money off of us. Is it a big brain washing institution. Is it only teaching young people what certain entity's want them to learn?  Personaly I went to college because I thought that was the next step in my life. I left. I do have one regret. I wish I would have networked more and taken advantage of all the people I was coming in contact with. Besides that, Im good. :)

Ive seen both sides of the story. Very succesful college grads, not so succesful college grads and everyting in between. Of course success is subjective. I've seen the college grad that becomes a force in their communtiy and I've seen the college grad that left. Ive seen the college grad use their degree and the college grad that never uses their degree, 

And Im not even gonna mention student loans. Did yall know that students in some other countries go to school for FREE!

Is college worth it? Is College helping? Are we using it incorrectly? Should we be devoting our time and energy to something else?