Tipping-out #serverissues #server #serverproblems

How do restaurants get away with this whole tipping out bs. I think tipping out is wrong. I already thinks its unfair that most servers get basically nothing, and I mean $0 for a check. (What politicians appoved this BS!) Which means some servers don't make anything on their checks and live off of their tips. THEN they have to pay thousands (yes thousands) for taxes. THEN, they have to pay other people who work WITH and not FOR them in the restaurant. Thats not fair. Everyones been programmed into thinking that the food runners, bussers, and bartenders are making the server's drinks, running the server's food, and cleaning the server's tables. When in reality, they're actually making the customers drinks, and running the customers food, and cleaning the restaurant's table. I think its total BS. And we are all working together FOR THE RESTAURANT. Which means they should be paying everyone's wage. Then when one doesn't want to tipping out, aurguments and conflict is created amongst co-workers. When instead, the entire staff should be against this devious system that forces tipped employees to make up for the frugal nature of these restaurants and corporations. 

I can't even get mad at a guest for not tipping me. THEY DON'T HAVE TO. Don't get me wrong, IT SUCKS!!!! But thats the business. So why is it ok for me to be forced to give away whats was given to me? Whats mine. What I earned. I guess thats the business too. That shit should be illegal.

Oh. And I did the math. I tip out between $300-$400 a month. sometimes more