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I love TLC. They are probably my favorite artist of all time. However, their new Kickstarter campaign had me giving them the side eye.  The two remaining members of the group are trying to (and from the looks of it most likely will) raise $150,000 to fund their new album.  With each donation you can receive a variety of rewards, from slumber parties to VIP concert tickets to behind the scenes updates, to working out with Chili! Oh, and by rewards I mean things that you basically pay for. That workout with Chili is $2,000. 

I don't know how to feel about this. I could understand if it was from an act that wasn't as establish. But the promo real on kickstarter starts out with them listing all of their achievements. Like how they have sold 65 million records and how they are the biggest girl group of all time. With all these accoomplishments you still can't fund your own album? DAMN! And where's the record company? I think they need to spill the beans on what happened with the deal they had with EPIC or whomever they were signed to. When did they all of sudden become indie artist? Or do they still have a deal? What's going on?

AND, I am an indie artist!!!. I (like many other indie artists) funded my last album myself. Of course it didn't cost $150,000, but I took on the responsiblity and created a solid project that I am very proud of. 

They claim they want fans involved. Yall don't want fans involved.  Y'all just want them to fund your album. I mean, just say what it is. They're not asking us for suggestions, or opinions, or any kind of input. You just donate and get some cheesy gift only one of those obsessed-ass fans would purchase. I admit, I am most likely going to donate $15 for the album. I would have bought it anyway, Im a fan. 

Why not let some of your fans who are also serious artist or know something about music help you make the album. THAT to me is the ultimate way to give back to the fans. Thats how you have them invovled in the creative process. I would love to be apart of that album. Let us vote on songs and video suggestions and real decision making stuff like that. 

I know crowdfunding isn't anything new. Hell, I even tried it. And I know a lot of celebs and directors (like Spike Lee) do it. But I think this dampens the TLC brand. It makes them look desperate. It just reminds me of them going broke. And I can't help but wonder why they dont have their ducks in a row yet. Even though they are the best selling girl group of all time, they still kinda don't have much to show for it. Im not talking about a big house or nice car. Why isn't there a TLC production company or talent agency of some sort. Yall are legends in the game now. Yall should be in more boss-like positions. Yall should have something of your own. I hate that TLC always ends up in this helpless position. I know yall went bankrupt and lost a member (RIP LEFT EYE) but this whole Kickstarter thing makes it seem like they still don't have their shit together. Over the past 25 years, have yall been learning from your mistakes? I feel like a parent or Unlce yelling at my daughters or nieces. Haha. But foreal............

I Love TLC. What do you think?