#Blacks in #Hollywood. #blackhollywood

Ok. So I read an article about how blacks get nominated for roles that make us look bad. I almost wish I would have written it. It explanins excalty how I feel about all the movies that are critically acclaimed. From the 12 years a slave, to The Butler, to Monsterball, to Training Day. Most of the movies that have an all black cast or main black character make us look like second class or second tier citizens. And I get it. Some of these movies are about history. But we have a lot of other history too. They're so many stories that need to be told. People are tired of seeing the same film over and over again. I almost feel like we should put a 5 year ban on slavery and civil rights movies. Im over it. Make a positive movie about someone who was great. The article suggest making a movie about George Washingtone Carver or the first black female millionaire. Great idea!

Films and television programs, along with R&B artists and hip-hop stars who are way too numerous to list, all contribute to the negative black stereotypes.
— Jackie Bischof

We need to stop letting Hollywood, (and The Entertainment Industry in general) tell us that we are slaves, second tier citizens, servants, whores, ghetto, ratchet, drug dealing niggas. Hell, lets stop calling ourselves that first. 

Lets take control of our image. Yall saw what happened with Exodus. Don't be surprised if 20 years from now a movie about a black great is played by a white person. Listen.

I suggest that black directors, investors, and producers get together and work to make a better more elaborate image for black Americans..