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Yesterday Jay-Z and friends held a press conference announcing a new music streaming service called Tidal. Tidal is similar to Spotify but it is owned by artist instead of rich white guys who don't really care about artist. 

Of course people are already frustrated.

Some feeling that this is only another way for the rich to get richer. And that these ultra famous and busy people found time for this, but couldn't find time to come together for #blacklivesmatter or other social issues and current events. 

I agree.  But also disagree. 

I'm not mad at the artist for what they are doing. Yes they are rich but if they weren't doing this someone else would be. Actually, they're companies that are currently doing what Tidal just started. Tidal will be competing against Spotify, Pandora, Beats music, Amazon and other music streaming companies.

Of course it would be nice to see these artists (especially the black ones) use their platform to help the black community. Why is it that the only thing that get these People riled up is something about how their billion dollar asses can make more money. I get the principal and everything behind getting paid for your work but if you're going to have a press conference about this, you need to be having press conferences about a whole lot of other shit too to. Ijs.

But then again, maybe we are asking too much from them. Maybe we should all be the change we want to see. We can't wait on a leader or platform to help us.  We Have to help ourselves and each other. That definitely doesn't exclude anyone who is famous or has a platform. And some of them actually do more than we think. 

Oh, and I guess you can call this a black owned company. I guess. But I'm not sure if Jay-z really owns it, or if he's partnering soley with artists, or if he just kind of has a little stake in it, or is he just the spokesperson for it. I don't know. 

Also!  Where exactly does the indie artist fit into this!

share your thoughts.