Is the role of the President still important. #Hilary2016

Hilary Clinton officially anonounced her run for Presedency in 2016. Of course people were excited. She has the potential to be the first Female President. But does it really matter who we think is running this country? Are things really or ever gonna change depending on whose in the white house? 

Not only do cooperations run this country, but it's not even a secret anyore.  Politicians can be payed off and sometimes I question if voting still matters. Even when we do get someone we assume is a "good guy" in office, it still doesn't gaurantee anything for anybody. Laws have so many check and balances they have to go through to really make a difference. Plus, that one person in office has to please eveyone. I honestly think politicians just do whatever they want. They just want to make suer they are like-able. 

What do you think?