Is it time to un-integrate? #integration

What has integration really done for "Black" people?

Many activist and "Black" scholars now claim that integration actually did more harm than hurt. Before integration we had more black businesses and pride. Our communities were stronger and more united. We didn't have a choice but to support each other. Even Dr.King said that we may have been integrated into a "Burning House" 

Many now say that we are living in far worse times. We own and control very little business and media. Most of all of our money goes to other business that aren't our own. Our dollar isn't circulating our community. It leaves. Scholars like Dr. Claud Anderson says that integration has weekend us. 

It's been 50 years. Maybe its time to un-integrate.  We have Korea town, China town, Little Italy and other communities across the country. Should we have a "black town"? Not just a hood,  but a place where blacks own and control everything in a community.  And not segregation, but an area thats pro us, e.g., black wall street. An area thats for us by us and ran by us. 

What do you think?