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Teachers in Atlanta are facing jail time for cheating on a test. This is crazy. Not a fine. Not termination. JAIL!!!! The punishment obviously doesn't fit the crime. 

If there ever was a time to protest, now is the time!!! They send us to jail for anything. We should be on capitol hill right now! Im not saying that cheating is right. But, our teachers are being treated like felons. They did what they had to do to survive and no one was hurt. They didn't do anything to those kids that the public schools weren't already doing. Families are about to be affected. Lives are about to be changed. Homes are about to be destroyed. 

The significance of the standardized test is disproportionate. It determines students passing or failing, teachers pay/employment  and probably a whole lot of other shit. It just makes school stressful for everyone. I don't miss that. Should kids in elementary school be under that much pressure anyway?

Maybe we should have our own schools. I always read how integration actually hurt the black community. I think school maybe a good indicator of that. 

I honestly don't miss school at all. There's not enough freedom. There's not enough enlightenment. There's not enough critical thinking. There's not enough guidance. Lucky for me, I have a great family and learned a lot of that stuff at home.  In school, you learn a bunch of info you won't ever use again.  And the history is mostly just wrong. A lot of info is purposely left out of history books. You are basically trained to be a slave in society.  I've never been to jail, but school kinda reminds me of a lighter version.  And now my job reminds me of jail. 

See. I now feel like a slave in society. #schoolsucks

With all of that being said, I think the system is the real problem, not the teachers. It's not fair that these teachers are being made out to be criminals. The judge sent them to jail immediately. They're being charged with racketeering and could be sentenced to up to 30 years in jail. 

Where's the outrage? 

Lets play the race card. Would the verdict be the same if these teachers were Caucasian ?  Is this another form of the vendetta against "black" people? 

What do you think?