Does Being #conscious have a look? #darkskin #lightskin #kendricklamar #blackpeople

Yesterday, A young lady (who shall remain nameless) posted on Facebook that Kendrick Lamar was a "Fake Conscious coon" because he is engaged to a light skinned woman.

I admit that when I saw a picture of Kendrick's finance, she wasn't what I expected. Shame on me! I think that when you see a dark skin conscious brother you're expecting his fiancé to look a lil more like him. She looks like she is mixed. That doesn't mean she is, and if she is, I don't care. I wouldn't like or respect Kendrick any less for it.  


I do not at all agree with the Young lady's statement. We should know by now that we come in a variety of shades. Our hair can come in all kinds of textures. We have more than one look. AND being conscious does not have a look. Being conscious just means that you're aware to the bullshit. Just because someone is dark-skin with a natural hair style doesn't make them conscious. Just because someone is light-skin with straight hair doesn't make them Un-conscious. We don't know his fiancé!

Im sure they're probably a lot of rappers and celebs that are conscious like Kendrick but just aren't brave enough to express themselves. Hats off to Kendrick for having the courage to be a bold conscious rapper.

I hate that the light-skin vs. dark-skin topic still exist in our community. That topic is soooooo played out! Just another tool use to divide................And conquer. 

What do you think?