If you had all the money

Today I had to make an impromptu visit to Lenox mall to have my MacBook looked at. I get there and decide to make an appointment for 2 hours later. It was the earliest they had.  With 2 hours to spare,  I decided to take a look into some of the luxury offerings at the mall. 

While looking at shoes and clothes that currently take a weeks worth of work to purchase, I realized something........................this shit is really nice. And I really don't think it had anything to do with the price or the store I was in.  I genuinely liked a lot of the items.  

Next I asked myself,  if I could afford to shop and buy whatever I wanted, would I? 

I often frown at today's black celebrities wearing today's most expensive and exclusive European brands. I always feel like they should be doing more to support and promote black designers.  But if you had the money and platform to wear whatever you thought about wearing,  would you? Could you imagine dropping what you currently pay in rent or mortgage on a pair of shoes?  Or a scarf?  A hat?  A jacket? Would you Spend 2 weeks worth of earnings on a material item?