Do the Black people or African Americans in the "Conscious Community" Really want to unite

Alright! Beyoncé comes out with a black power anthem that has many of us almost on the same page. People who love her and some who never listened to her are now all in "formation" and thanking her for using her platform to talk about our issues. 

But of course, you're also going to have the naysayers............. 

There are conspiracy theorist and many in the so called "conscious" community who think that this is all a ploy. Some are saying she is simply "playing off of our emotions". "She's only getting us riled up to go out and die in the streets." "She's only trying to make money off of the black lives matter and pro black trend that's currently popular." They say "she can't be conscious because she still has blond hair". They're saying her back up dancers had on "fake Afros." Some are even saying that the dancers were actually men.

why can't we unify?

Do some of you "pro black"  conscious people even want to unify? I don't think you do. You don't. I think you'd rather sit and complain (usually via the internet) for the rest of your life. You think every single person who has had any type of success has an interior motive. Don't get me wrong, I don't simply get behind any successful person that looks like me. I don't agree with every single thing any person does or says. But when an uplifting peace of art is released, I enjoy it and I appreciate it.  When a leader uses his or her platform to bring  awareness to issues affecting my community, I appreciate it. When a member of the "elite" displays empathy for what's happening to everyday people, I appreciate it.

Its crab in the barrel ass niggas in the community that hold us back. Y'all talk about all this pro black stuff and never want to unite. You find a reason to discredit any and everything. You're worse than the white man himself.