Black lives really DONT matter. #Blacklivesmatter #asianlivesmatter #peterliang #akaigurley

Asians in New York and all over the country are protesting the conviction of Peter Liang,  an Asian- American police officer who "accidentally" shot and killed, Akai Gurley, a 28 year old, unarmed Black Male in November of 2014. Mr. Liang was found guilty of second-degree manslaughter two weeks ago and faces up to 15 years in prison. Asians are basically saying that if Liang had been a white officer he would have gotten away with killing another black male, like all the other white officers have been doing in the past. They question the fairness of the justice system. But my question is: If Akai Gurley wasn't black, or if he was just plain old Caucasian, would there even be a protest?

I don't know how to feel about this........

On one hand, I kinda get where the Asians are coming from. However, I'm also getting a "If white people can kill black people and get away with it why can't we?" vibe from the situation. They've even highjacked our "Black lives matter" slogan and turned it into an "Asian lives matter" slogan. 

Moments like this reaffirm that Black lives really do not matter. Are other races really arguing about not getting away with killing us? What do these people really think about us? Is it right to be protesting for someone who is guilty of murder? If your guilty your guilty. He pleaded guilty. He did it. He admitted it. Yeah, it sucks that white officers are getting away with it but why should you? Niether should they. But why should you? You broke the law too. Yes, it was an accident. And accidents do happen. But a man lost his life. 

And What about Akai Gurley and his loved ones? How do they feel about the situation?  Should we be doing some type of counter-protest for him? Should we be angry? Should we be happy that justice was serve? Was the sentencing too harsh? 

What do you think?