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Restaurants suck! I think the restaurant industry should be revamped! 

The very, very, first thing that should be done is to raise server/bartender wage from $2.13 (or a little more) to minimum wage. There shouldn't be a server wage at all. Minimum wage should be a set rate for everyone. What a server or bartender makes in tips shouldn't have anything to do with what he or she makes hourly. As of today, restaurants are basically getting free labor and getting away with it. They pay their servers and bartenders next to nothing and have them depend solely off of tips. They even force employees to tip each other. NOT FAIR. Why should an employee have to pay another employee's salary? 

If this was to happen, I anticipate many restaurants closing and laying off many servers and employees. That's a good thing. 

Do we really need all these restaurants? 

I think that there are too many. Not only are there too many, but most of the food is awful. This has a lot to do with America being obese and unhealthy. Over priced, dirty, cafeterias parading around like their food is actually worth it. It ain't. And when I say dirty, I mean dirty. It's a shame that restaurants get away with the things that should cause them to shut down permanently.

We don't need several different restaurants on every other block to choose from. I think the number of restaurants should be cut in half. Farms should be put in their place. Aren't we all looking for fresh non GMO food? Isn't the country (and maybe the world) supposedly going through a food crisis? Well maybe there should be more farms and less restaurants. Then the servers and other employees who lose their job could possibly work at the farms. Gasp! I know that sounds drastic, but think of it as a 50 year revolution. Not a sudden collapse of the restaurant industry. 

What do you think? Let me know?