If this were you, would it be ok? #ciaraandrussell #ciara #russellwilson #future #babyfuture

I know this topic has been blogged to death but lets play a game! Haha!

Lets first start off with not even thinking about the people in the headline. Forget that they are famous and forget who they are. Imagine if you had a child. Then, you broke up (bitterly) with the baby's mom or dad. Then, one of you moved away. The child went to stay with the other parent. The mom or dad got a new spouse.  The new boo is seen often on social media, by you and everyone else, with your child. Often. Every season, holiday, and any type of event. Christmas pictures, Easter Pictures, picnics, church events, shopping at the mall, eating out, everything and everywhere. How would that make you feel? 

What about if you were the other spouse? The new girlfriend or boyfriend. Not a husband or wife. The Russell Wilson of the situation. Would you be ok with being in pictures with your new spouse's kids? All the time? Would you be ok if someone you just met was constantly posting pics of you and their child on social media? 

Tell me what you think? Leave a comment below!!!