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Hey "Black" America! 

Lets do an experiment!!!

Lets not vote this upcoming Presidential election and maybe for the next few as well. I know you're already thinking "WTF". However, I think it's a great idea. I think a large portion of people not voting will make a larger impact than everyone voting. I think silence is also a great way to use your voice. With us just voting for a candidate that's the lesser of two evils, our voice is being used in vain. 

Im not saying don't ever vote. I think we should definitely still go to the polls. But maybe we should write a name or phrase in the ballot for president. Maybe jot down "Blackout2016" or something like that. Just to see how many of us went to the polls and how many people participated in the movement.

After the election we should get organized. Get back to being a real community and start rebuilding. Start supporting black businesses and taking better care of each other physically, mentally, and spiritually. We should focus much more on each other and what's going on with our people. We should also have meetings, webinars, and conferences talking about what it is we want. We should discuss what the politicians will have to do to earn our vote and support in the next election we chose to participate in. We should create a clear plan. The plan should also include the consequences politicians would face if they don't do what we asked. Then, when we are ready to vote, whether it be 2020 or 2024, execute.

Sounds like a pipe dream. What do you think?