#ConspiracyFun! Was #Prince a Sacrifice for #Beyonce? #illuminati #lemonade

Ok! I loooove Beyonce! 

And I looooove loooove Prince! 

And I don't believe half of the illuminati crap.

But if I did, I'd believe Prince was a sacrifice for Beyonce. I'd believe that the whole Lemonade thing on HBO was a ritual of some sort to initiate her to some higher level of priesthood. The powers that be had the whole thing planned out. They had to eliminate the Holy Trinity (Michael, Whitney, and Prince) so Beyonce could ascend to the next level.  Prince was the last of the Trinity. As soon as Prince died they had 3 days to do the initiation so that Beyonce could claim her role in the new Priesthood and begin to help pick the next artist. Who will the next artist be? Rihanna? Usher? Justin? IDK. But now Beyonce has the influence to do what she wants and to rightfully rule the music/illuminati world. Now she will be seen as the one with the most power and influence. 

Sike! Yall really believe that shit?!?!?!  Thanks for reading!

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