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Hello my name is Corri O'Christopher Lacabe aka Corrillyrics (not a rapper) and this is my interpretation of this Lemonade situation.

There are many messages in Lemonade but we are only attracted to the headlines.  I noticed many networks and gossip blogs wishing for Beyonce and Jay Z to be divorced. Society does not believe in a Black family striving with love. Look at Will and Jada,  Barack and Michelle Etc.. But there is a deeper meaning in the Lemonade.

After reading this article I hope you look deeper into the artistic imagery of Beyonce that i think many of you missed..

With that being said, let me start off by saying from a man's point of view that I appreciate the art Beyonce made with Lemonade. She has given us an image of a strong black women screaming for us to support our sistahs and for black unity. She is demanding love and respect for our daughters while crying for peace, harmony, and justice for the brothers. It's a medicine in the Lemonade but the world is only tasting the sugar. 

The visual album starts with a scene of many beautiful women, all in their blackness. It is derived from the emotion of poet, Waran Shire and narrated by Beyonce.  Shire touches on deeper meanings of an awaken black woman. In the first clip, Intuition, Beyonce starts off singing "I pray you catch me...", where I believe she is telling society that she prays that we catch on that she is waking up. 

Shire says "I tried to make a home out of you, but trap doors leading to trapped doors..."  speaking of America or any place melanated people have been forced to inhabit only to realize the voyage of the waters were cursed. After the song ends you see Beyonce leaping into a room of water where she stares at herself asleep.

Shire recites "I tried to be prettier, softer less awake...".  In this line and image Beyonce is telling you that she is asleep until she fasted, wore white, abstain from mirrors and abstain from sex. This is what people do during there initiation into Priest-hood in the Yoruba tradition Ifa. Then, (this is very important), the only time you see Beyonce recite Shire's poem is after she describes her initiation. She says that she "levitates" then steps out of the church in yellow symbolizing the Orisha Goddess Oshun. The Goddess of love peace and Harmony.

Another scene that stands out is when Beyonce is in a parking lot where we see her wearing an Ankh (An Egyptian symbol of life). Here she sings about the anger of the black women towards black men. She uses the phrase "God Complex Call me Malcolm X". This is where you hear Malcolm's famous speech about how the black woman is the most ignored and neglected. 

Then, Beyonce starts speaking on how we should love ourselves. In the lyrics she states "love yourself.. Love God herself", piggy backing on Malcolm X saying how we don't respect the black woman. Beyonce is saying that The black woman is God.

Beyonce ends by warning and reminding black men "I give you Life, better stop playing before you loose your wife." Remember she is wearing the Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life. The important point of this image is that Beyonce is portraying the black woman being God because she gives life. She has given us life and she demands respect. 

I think after the song Sorry comes into play she details vulnerability and trying to move on. The image of her and other young black girls in tribal painting tells a story of the fight to pressure the black men on guilt of dealing with women outside of the race. This also shows Serena Williams displaying that colorism is fading because all melanated people are beautiful. However, the one line where she said "Becky with the good hair" repeats (You know the line Iggy is upset about....) we see Beyonce walking outside of a plantation on fire with black women in slave attire standing stating black men stop chasing Becky. Stating black women been through the same level of pain from the enslavement as you. Here, I feel Beyonce is speaking directly to black men. The most important thing to take away from this image is that the plantation represents the burning of the Willie Lynch mentality. Not necessary just stop dating out of your race.

We see a young man from New Orleans meeting the President for the first time. He mentions how he wants to become better for his children. Shire's poem details a sad reality that many young women of color face and how its traditionally passed down by generations. The abuse of black women from fathers to mothers, to the children, to the woman you love. But remember, Beyonce burned the trauma from the plantation down symbolically. She then goes into a poem and song about Daddy's Lesson. Showing the root of the problem. In Daddy Lessons you see Blu Ivy playing with her Grandfather Knowles and Beyonce paints the image of young black girls needing a father. Powerful!

In Redemption she walks in a line with young black women on the water in the Bayou. We see Beyonce and young black girls dress in white standing on the coast raising their hands high to pay homage to all those who passed away in the trans-atlantic slave trade.  We hear Beyonce state from Warsan Shire's poem, "1000 black girls hands held high for black girl unity.....". At the end you see a black woman's dress and hand hanging from a tree which symbolizes what she is speaking.

Another Shire poem recited is "Make the woman in doubt disappear......". For me personally this is heavy. Though I'm empathetic, I know I have made a woman doubt herself. 

Next we see her remedy for healing and forgiveness. This is when we see Jay Z and how the love between the black man and black woman create life.  Beyonce and Jay share Kodak memories with each other then you see a baby boy laying in the bed. He Symbolizes that love will eventually triumph over all. 

We also hear Shire's literary prowess mentioning "Honor your mothers the woman who hips cracked, whose her mother's hip cracked to give you life. Honor your mothers...."

Then children are taken from us by police sanction-murders. This is where we see the Mothers of Eric Gardner, Treyvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Michael Brown holding images of their sons who have been killed by police and vigilantes. But there where others holding up pictures too. After which wee see a young Girl dressed in Native American attire walking around an empty dinner table shaking and tapping the tambourine to bless all those we have lost. Blessing the lives taken from the table. The image of the little black girl in Native attire also show that most native people of this land were black, but thats another discussion.

All roads leads to Freedom, where Beyonce deliver a searing cry on the behalf of the many who are tired of the injustice we face in this country. In the end, all of us deserve justice after all we've been through. Every man woman and child deserve love no matter what race ethnicity or walk of life. Love and the future of our children depends on the fight we fight today. You see the Carter's family blossom in the end and the joy Blu Ivy brings them.   

Beyonce may be waking up. I don't believe anyone can dictate another's journey, but she's no Zaza Ali. Peace and light. 

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