My Reparations list!

If Reparations were to ever happen I think we should all have a list of what we think our people should receive. Here's my list:

1. No taxes at all. That includes sales tax, income taxes, homeowner tax, land tax, food tax and any other tax you can think of.

2. Totally free education. That includes K-12 as well as all college and every kind of schooling you would ever have to pay for.

3. Loan forgiveness. If I still have any type of loan or debt of any kind, it should be wiped clean. Student loans, credit card........

4.Credit forgiveness. Anybody with bad credit should automatically receive a perfect score.  

5. Control of school curriculum and funding. We should be in charge of what our children are learning.

6. Land. 

7. Entirely free health care. From the Dentist to the Doctor to the Chiropractor. 

8. Small business grants. 

9. Our own farms. Our own food

10. More Black Banks. Control of our Money!

11. Proper representation in Government, courtrooms, and other Boards. Our voice should always be heard!

And thats all I can think of as of right now. But Do tell! Whats on your reparations list? Did I miss anything? Tell your friends to make their own list. Then come back and share this article!