What if #HillaryClinton Dies???? #Hillarycough #Hillarysick #emailscandal

This is something I think everyone should seriously consider. I know she has been campaigning very hard but she is sick and old and tired. Should we have a sick elderly person running the country? (I guess that's whose usually doing it, haha.) People were worried about Bernie's age. I think he may be healthier than Hilary. Even if she doesn't die, she may become too ill to be President. 

I'm not a Trump fan. At all. But Im pretty sure the country wouldn't be ran that much differently with him in office. I honestly believe both candidates made a deal to make sure Hillary wins the presidency. I also feel that the "powers that be" control most of what happens in Washington anyway. What we are seeing now is just a big soap opera/ pageant that's held every 2-4 years.

It would truly suck for Hilary Clinton and company if she drops dead after cheating her way into the white house. After buying those delegates, the email scandal, her public distaste for Black people, Monica Lewinsky, and all the other scandals she has been in for the past 25 years, I say give it to her. It's not like the presidency truly means anything anyway. Especially for black people. The same policies and bullshit regulations are gonna happen regardless.  

This old lady has literally been killing herself for the past 10 years (or more) to win the crown. She's been waiting and waiting. Just give it to her. Who cares.