Jay Morrison #boycottHoustons..........again! Valid or too much?

Jay Morrison and supporters protested again at the Peachtree Road location of Houston's in Atlanta. The protest was in response to what happen last week when Morrison and 6 colleagues were refused service. The following day protests were held at the Lenox and Peachtree locations. Today (a week later) an even larger crowd of supporters showed up outside of Houston's on Peachtree to protest. 

My Take

I promise you that I'm not an Uncle Tom, but whats the point of doing this two times in a row? I'm really trying to figure out what the end game is. Do you want them to close? Do you want an apology? Do you want a policy change? Is it all in the name of awareness? Are we shining a light onto black restaurants? Just wondering. They were also on the news, had an interview with Boyce Watkins and got a nice bit of PR from this situation. Now, is the PR all in the sake of "shutting Houston's down" and bringing awareness to discrimination against "black" people? Or is it for something (or someone) else? 

I've never met Jay. He seems like a standup guy. I honestly think he is for the people. But we must be critical of all our leaders. 

The protest seems to be changing the minds of some of the employees. Below is a pic of rapper T.I. at the protest with 2 young men who had just walked off the job at Houston's. Make sure you read the caption I snatched from his instagram page. The young men claim that Houston's tolerates racist remarks and behaviors from some racist patrons. 

What do you think?

Was the 2nd protest necessary?

Do we need to have multiple protest more often?  

Or is this becoming a media spectacle?

And if it is becoming a media spectacle, do you think it is for the apparent intentions?