Teach them self-worth while they're young


A child's brain is like a sponge. It's constantly absorbing everything around it. It takes in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the totally unnecessary. A lot of what we learn as children will stay with us forever and will help form us into the adults and people we become. In a nut shell, what we say and do around our children is vitally important. So let's teach them something that'll help make them great. 

Lets teach them their self worth.

See, your children aren't just your children. This is our future. Not just your future. OUR future. We have a responsibility to all kids. From our own children, to the children whose names we don't even know, we have a responsibility.. In order to teach them their self worth, we have to know ours. Some of the most lasting life lessons are taught secondarily. It's not just about what you do and say to a child. It's also about what's happening indirectly. They're paying attention to who you are, your habits, your good, your bad, your ugly, and your unnecessary. Of course we aren't perfect. But, we do have a responsibility. We have to make sure we're leaving our world, our legacies, and the name of our ancestors in the hands of people who know how great they are. We are a great people and these are our next generation of leaders. These littles people will one day run the world and take care of us.

We have to teach them.

Teach them the history of our families and our people. Teach them that the history, the responsibility, and greatness is running through their veins. It's pumping through their hearts. It's breathing through their lungs. It's the waves in their brains. It's in their every step. It's apart of their spirit. It's apart of their DNA. If they're made aware of the responsibility that they have, the torch that they'll one day carry, the shoes that they have to one day fill, the precedent will be set. The mindset will be in place. They'll have a star to look towards. They'll have an anchor to ground them. They will know what to do when parents and adults aren't around. 

So lets give the next generation the right blue print to build whatever they want to build. Lets set the right boundaries for them to become who they choose to become . Lets give them the right outline to do what they choose to do. Let's give them the right map to go where they want to go.  Lets teach them self worth while they're young.