Free Promo for indie artist: absolutely free! #freepromo #indieartist

Ever since I stopped doing promo for my fellow indie artist I have been trying to figure out how to start back. Today I decided that Im going to (again) offer free promo to artist. But this time, I want to make yall work for it just a little bit. So I decided to do a poll. I'll post a poll for all of the fans of the artist to vote in favor of. Whomever has the most votes will get the free promo. And thats it! No payments! No gimmicks! I mean, you should at least follow me on social media. But if you don't, it's cool. 😒  (@thegeorgepatt). 

*All Genres are welcomed* 

r&b, rap, hiphop, trap, jazz, spoken word, poetry, pop, soul, country, edm, rock, heavy metal, blue grass, grunge, alternative, puck rock, gospel contemporary, reggae, dancehall, all generes!!!!!

Artist will get a full week to get as many votes as they possibly can!       

If you are interested,  comment below or email a link with your music and social media info to         


Put *free promo* in subject line

Promo includes multiple instagram, Facebook, twitter, (possibly youtube) and other social media post and a blog post. In all, you should be seen by over 10,000 people!

And the best part is that its free so email me now or comment below! The end!

Put *free promo* in subject line