Jay Morrison and Debra Antney lead protest at Houston's Lenox road and Peachtree Locations in Atlanta.

Real estate mogul, Jay Morrison, protested at the Houston's Lenox Road location in Atlanta on claims of discrimination. Morrison and others came in as a party of 7 and were refused seating. Houston's claimed that they do not seat parties over 4. Morrison was fine with that and was going to comply. Him and his party then simply asked to be seated as 2 parties. One party of 3 and another party of 4. They didn't need to be on the same bill, with the same waiter, or even near each other. Houston's then claimed that they still wouldn't seat them because they knew that they were a party of 7 that came in together. So even if a party of 7 wants to be broken up and basically not have anything to do with each other while in the restaurant, they still can't be seated.

The same thing was attempted today at the Peachtree location with Debra Antney and they were also denied service. Do you think it's racism?

My take

As many of you may know, I spent 10 years of my life in the restaurant industry. So I've seen people go through some of this before. At my old job, there were times when they couldn't accommodate large parties and they would force them to be broken up. They still got accommodated, just not all together at once. That's it. They were VERY lenient at my old job. They let people do whatever the hell they wanted to do. They would let one person pay for several different parties or let it be 100 (literally) separate checks. They just want you to come in and spend money. It drove servers crazy. This wasn't Houston's. 

As far as Houston's is concerned, I don't get it. A friend of mine actually was gonna have a Bday dinner at Houston's but cancelled after finding out that they didn't do reservations and didn't seat parties over 4 (I think). I understood that part. I thought that maybe they weren't the kind of restaurant that did large parties. Maybe they only did it if you bought the place out or something. I don't know. But I didn't know that if the 5 of us would had still gone to Houston's and decided to sit separately that we would be refused service. That's dumb. They must want a lawsuit. 

Why cant they just sit separately? Why does it matter that they all came in together? Why is that a rule? What's the point? So should they leave and come back in as 2 separate parties? Is it because there wasn't room in the restaurant?  Or is it because they are "black"? I just don't get it.  Well, now Houston's has a nasty little protest at 2 of their top performing Atlanta locations. Both Jay Morrison and Deborah Anthony have notoriety so this could spread to other locations outside of Atlanta. 

As far as discrimination, I can't jump to that conclusion until I see other ethnicities go through the same situation and are seated. Even with that, it all depends. It can depend on the manager on duty, the time and day, the hostess, how the party came in, and a bunch of stuff. Not at all defending Houston's. Just saying that it all depends. I just feel like in this day and age and in ATLANTA, a restaurant like Houston's (in 2 prime Atlanta locations) would be extremely stupid to discriminate against "black" people. They deal with us ALL THE TIME. That would be dumb. Real dumb.

But I don't put nothing pass nobody.....

What do you think? Do you think it's discrimination? Do you think that while speaking to my friend over the phone, that they could tell my friend was black and they gave him the "large black party" spiel? Do you think the protest is over the top? Should we be protesting other things? Do you think we need to stop spending money at places like this anyway? Tell me what you think.