8 things Lyft and UBER drivers absolutely hate!!

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So this list probably has a lot more to do with what I hate. However, I think a lot of lyft drivers and UBER drivers will agree with me.  I've also noticed that a lot of black millennials, mainstream American millennials, urban millennials, and.........millennials are ride-share drivers. I'm sure y'all will get a kick out of this too.

1. Sitting up front.

Of course I understand if it's a large party, Lyft line, or an UBER pool ride. Other than the obvious, it's weird and awkward. There is so much room in the back seat. You can go back there and have your own little world. This is what I have upfront. MY WORLD. It's my space. I usually have my jacket, earphones, or something in the front passenger seat. This puts us in the same world and space and forces us to have either an awkward conversation or awkward silence. 

awkward moment

2. Touching my radio.

No Bitch. I don't have an auxiliary chord and this is another reason your ass needs to get in the back. I know it's kind of petty to let this ( and probably most of the list) get to me, but I just think it's obnoxious. I also use music to escape the fact that a complete stranger is in my car. AND WHY? Why is it so important for you to listen to whatever you want to listen to for this short period of time. Why you GOTSTA listen to some station for these next 10 minutes just because you enjoy the music. Now, if you're trying to win a radio contest or something like that, I get it. Or if it's someone talking about something you're interested in, I get it. I'm very understanding. But if it's just because, then no. Even if I actually enjoy the station you turn it to I'm annoyed. It's rude. Stop touching my stuff! Nothing in this car belongs to you. You rude! Get out!

I don't mind turning the radio down, off, or up. I don't mind having a "pre turn up" on the way to a club or event. But if you just getting off of work and trying to control my shit, NO! 

car radio


3. your GPS vs my GPS

Let me first start out by saying that I do not mind taking directions. At the end of the day, it's your money and I just don't too much care. I always welcome better routes that are faster or smarter. Now, sometimes y'all don't know what y'all are talking about and actually end up increasing the ride time. I'd prefer you save me at least 3-5 minutes if you GOSTA have me driving some other route that you just know in your heart is so much faster. But again, it's your money and it's not THAT big of a deal to me.  

What I DON'T like is hearing your GPS and trying to follow my GPS at the same time. Unless I'm lost, have a bad signal, or ask for help, turn that shit off! We're in one car and there is only one driver. I don't need to hear 2 people giving me directions. That'll just make me wreck. If you GOTSA have route updates on your phone, you gon have to put that bitch on silent. If not, I'm either going to confiscate your phone or drive off of a cliff. Your choice.


We all have an odor. They're some odors I don't mind. But if whatever you have on, naturally smell like, or eating starts to give me a headache, I'm febreezing yo ass.

I don't even mind you eating. I'm nice. You GOTSA share though. lol. I'm joking. I don't even want any. But it can't be stink or strong. AND PLEASE TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU.

5. Waiting

We don't get paid a whole lot for time, so waiting kinda sucks. And I will leave yo ass! 

I once took a lady to Walmart. I saw that it was a return trip. I asked her how long she would be and she said no longer than 20 minutes. Cool. This meant that I could run in, use the restroom, get a snack and be back at the car waiting. As soon as I walked in, I saw those long ass check out lines. I was a little worried but I said you know what I'll give her a little more time. After 30 minutes I politely ended her trip and drove off. Sorry Mam. It's business. 

6. Getting too personal

I don't know you. You don't know me. This is a taxi. Treat it as such. I know those Lyft ads are super cute and friendly but I'm not your friend giving you a ride. We not hanging. We ain't kicking it. I'm working. I'm providing you with a service and you're paying me for it. This is a business transaction. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good natural vibe. I've had plenty of passengers that I've vibed with. But if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. It's cool. Don't force it. A silent person who I forget is in the car is cool too. 

7. Being in a rush

It's not my fault you're late. Hell, it may not even be your fault that you're late. But there's just not a whole lot I can or am willing to do. I'm not speeding . At least not too much. I'll drive my normal speeding rate. This isn't nascar. I won't be bobbing and weaving through cars. I ain't breaking no traffic laws. We are not on a high speed chase. If it's 5 pm or around that time in most places in America your going to have to deal with traffic. Taking 17 million short cuts and back roads can only get you so far. 

My advice to late people taking Lyft or UBER is to sit back and relax. That's really all you can do. Making me rush or aggy isn't going to help anything. 

lyft driver uber driver

8. Kids without car seats

I've said this before via a youtube video, but let me reiterate. I hate it. It's not safe, irresponsible, and you probably won't pay for this ticket. When I see the kid and no car seat I immediately lock the door, cancel the ride, and drive off. And I don't feel sorry for you. Contrary to popular belief, before there was an UBER or LYFT people without transportation were actually getting around just fine with their children. You need to hop on public transportation. Not sure why so many people now feel it's ok. It's annoying and puts the driver on edge the entire ride.

no car seat

Not a reader? Check out the YouTube videos.