Dear Black Entertainers, You're going to have to Sacrifice!!

So Gabrielle Union came out and said that black films get much smaller budgets. She said that they often out perform what they're predicted to do and that a lot of the money black films make is then used to bank roll other films with bigger budgets. She said that when black films do good, Hollywood often says that "it's good for a black film". 

But Gabby 💁🏾‍♂️

What do you expect from white people? Do you expect fairness? Equality? Do you expect anything from them that most of black America ain't gettin? If so, stop it. You're setting yourself up to be disappointed. 

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Besides the obvious racism, Hollywood is white. White people tend to tell stories from a white person's perspective. Most people like to tell stories from their own perspective. White people also have a lot more money than black people. This trickles down to not just tickets but also sponsorship and distribution. Meaning a white movie may pull in bigger and better sponsorship because more white people (overall) see movies and have more money. So there's also a bit of systematic racism in there mixed in with the love of money.

Maybe a way to combat this is to build your own Black Hollywood, Black Entertainment and black media outlets. In order for this to happen black entertainers are going to have to sacrifice. I know that white dollar is reaaaaaaaaally long. I know that white coin is reaeaaaaaaaaally heavy. But if you want to build a true institution that competes with the current Hollywood, you're gonna have to eventually stop working for the institution that is Hollywood. You have to take a pay cut.

It's just like starting your own business. Let's say you bartend at a bar and decide to one day start your own bar. In order to get your own bar off the ground, you have to spend more time there and probably make much less money than you would at the older more established bar.  Now, you don't have to completely quit the old bar. You can go in on certain nights and make some great money. But you won't be able to work there every single night or your own bar won't ever get off the ground. Eventually once your bar is off the ground you won't have to (if you don't won't to) work at the old bar. Or maybe if they really needed you they'd pay you accordingly. Then maybe years down the line you'll have several locations of your bar and your descendants (or other black bartenders) can work at that bar instead of working somewhere else. You may not be around to see the full benefit of having your own but the generations behind you will. 

Meaning, sure Gabby, Do Bad Boys 3. Get that check. But maybe you and other actors, directors, and producers should be spending more time building a black Hollywood than participating and complaining about the white one. To be honest, black Hollywood may never match White Hollywood. White wealth is powerful. But wouldn't it be better to have more black actors and actresses employed than to have a couple of really rich ones? Wouldn't it be cool to have the money from our black blockbusters bounce back into other black film projects? 

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This definitely isn't an overnight fix. It'll take unity from everyone, support from us, and our stars will have to sacrifice. A big sacrifice. Can you really see people who are use to making 7 figures and up a year be cut down to 5 or a low 6? It's easy to sit here and tell someone else not to take a million dollar check. It's kinda hard not to take that million dollar check.

But is it already kinda happening?

Look at how music artist grind while they're independent. Nowadays artist have to basically not need a label before a label decides to take interest in them. Some eventually sell out for the white dollar and sign record contracts and some don't. I'll let you decide whether that's a good thing or bad thing. Some do both. They may do a feature here or there but for the most part they remain independent and are making a great living creating art their way. They aren't busy comparing what they made to what Beyonce made. They're not comparing their budget to Drakes Budget. They could have had a chance at those same budgets but they decided to sacrifice that, and build their own shit. 

On youtube, black people are giving you a genuine black perspective on news, politics, music, sports, and entertainment. People are literally making movies with iPhones. They're also doing it with out receiving a 10th of what a lot of a-listers make. Many do it for free. Some eventually cross over (like an Issa Rae) and begin making the big bucks with big production. Again, I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing. Some stay independent film makers. Some work off of donations. Some work off of Google Adsense. Shouldn't this be kinda easy to do since most of these stars already have followings. Maybe I'm being too naive. 

So do black stars want to make the same money and have the same budgets as white stars or do they want to own and control their own art?

Imagine if all the big black names in Hollywood said that enough is enough let's build black entertainment. Give it some time and you'll have a real black Hollywood. 

So my advice to Gabrielle Union and all black entertainers is to take a pay cut now and build your own shit for the black talent that comes behind you. Stop expecting White people to play fair. Make sure to keep in mind that we as black people are probably never going to have wealth anywhere close to white people. 

This doesn't seem like rocket science. There has to be a real reason why the "powerful" black people haven't gotten together to build a "black" Hollywood. Maybe the powers that be won't allow it.


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