Apparently African Americans ain't African: 8 reasons

Have you heard? Us melenaned/black/African -American/negros/niggas/negus are actually just..........Americans. Not mainstream Americans, but like real official Americans. Like, more native than Native Americans Americans........... Allegedly. Well, I guess us being from Africa is just as alleged, but whatever.

So just in case you've been sleeping under a rock (like most of us) let me give you a quick breakdown of this theory.

Brace yourself!

So instead of Europeans bringing millions upon millions of slaves to America to start slavery, they instead came over here and enslaved the people that were already here. How does that sound? Crazy, right? It blew my mind when I first heard these accusations. This has seriously blown my mind more than anything in my life. But I will try really hard (but prolly not hard enough) to explain. 

The first thing you probably think of when you hear something like this is history. You think about all that you've learned all throughout school. But we know that we don't really learn everything (in some cases anything) in school. Plus the curriculum is controlled by the government. The government controlling the curriculum and forcing it onto the population is one way most of us don't find out about a lot of stuff. This is how they hide and control what information gets out to the general public..  It's literally 18 years ( and in some cases 24-30 years) of programming. Plus it use to be illegal for us to read. So they really could hide information (or misinformation) and it made it even easier to brainwash the children. 

Basically the Europeans came over here and stole the land from our ancestors. So they had to create an African origin story for the youth. How do you think we'd react if we were told that they came over here and stole our land from us? Would you demand it back? How do you think we'd treat our land if we knew this was actually our land? How would we feel about America? Would you demand more from the Government? Would you take more pride in America?

But I want to give y'all a list of the top reasons historians and others are claiming Black Americans aren't from Africa and are actually from America. 

1. Apparently there are no Slave ships

Have you ever seen a real life slave ship that was actually apart of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade? If you said no, it's probably because they never had any. With this argument historians are saying that there is no actual real slave ship from that time. They claim that if the slave trade really happen and was as grand as they say that it was then the European would have saved at least one slave ship, kinda like as a trophy or monument. They claim that Europeans love to show off their achievements and have monuments for everything else everywhere so why not a slave ship? And what were they made out of? Why isn't there any history on these boats?

Also, it would make much more since to just enslave the people who were already on the land verses bringing people on 2 months journeys to be slaves. This brings me to my next point. 

2. Apparently a voyage from Africa to America Via boat doesn't make much since.

To get from Africa to America it would take 6-13 weeks depending on the weather. So about an average of 2 months. Oh and I don't think boats had motors back then. Hundreds of slaves would then be chained down and packed into a boat kinda like sardines. How'd they use the restroom? Who fed them? Where did they get water from? You can't drink salt water. Where was the food stored to feed them? Who flipped them and had them stand up to keep them from getting bed (or wood) sores? Medically speaking, You can't just stay in one place for that long. Then after these voyages, did they just go straight to work? Wouldn't they have been extremely week? Or dead? 


And if we did come here on ships, how could a crew of 50 control 500 or people for that long? I feel like the Africans would have figured out a way to take over the ship and over through the crew. 

3. Apparently Slave trade numbers and stories are all over the place

I've heard that it never happened. I've heard that the percentage that came to North America is very low and most went to South America. I've hear it was told in reverse. I've heard that the waters of the Atlantic are too treacherous (hurricane season) and the actual route the Europeans took to get to America was north through Greenland and Canada then south to the now USA. I've seen numbers go from 20 million to 20. Literally.

4: Apparently early European explorers were describing us when they first set foot on American Soil.

There is documentation in both writing and pictures that describes the people to be of a dark copper color with thick and various types of hair. Here is the 1828 definition of American:

AMER’ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.
african americans aint african

Do you think that they were talking about the current Native American's or were they talking about us?  Also, doesn't it seem like everybody had a Grandma or Granddad that had Indian in them? Do you know anyone that can trace their lineage back to Africa? Shouldn't there be more African stories told in our families today that would have been passed down from older generations?  Does anyone's elders talk about Africa?   

5. Apparently the current native Americans are some type of hybrids and $5 Indians

The Native Americans we see today are a mixture of Asian and caucasian and maybe a lil bit of us. Many of their caucasian ancestors paid $5 to be put on the Dawes roll and became apart of the 5 civilized tribes. Being on the Dawes Roll gave them the opportunity to receive benefits like tax exemptions and free college. Many of our would be ancestors weren't allowed to be apart of the Dawes roll.

6. Apparently DNA isn't going to prove much about your genealogy. 

Thanks to DNA test like we now have people walking around talking about they are %63 this and %17.5 that and so on. This information is inaccurate. Apparently all humans share large amounts of DNA, which means individual ancestry tests can't reliably trace your genealogy very far without other evidence. I got that info via Medical Daily. Here some more:

DNA is an assortment of genetic sequences that have been inherited from many different ancestors. You double your number of ancestors with every generation, because everyone has two parents. Going back only ten generations (between 200 and 300 years) in your genealogy, you have 1024 ancestors.

Going back far enough, each of us has more ancestors than we have sections of DNA - which means that there are many ancestors from whom we have inherited no DNA, and that ultimately there will be many sequences of DNA that most people share.

So after all these years the only thing that you can really prove with a DNA test is that he's the father. 💁🏾‍♂️

7. Apparently the reason our name kept changing was to erase our true identity.

From negro to colored to Black to Afo-American to African American to whatever's next. Historians are calling this the Paper Genocide. Basically they've been trying to erase our history by continuing to change our name. They also hide information and records that prove our identity. 

8. Apparently many Africans either agree or just aren't claiming that we are their people. 

If the Slave trade was as grand as it was, why isn't there any African Leaders or countries coming forth and advocating for their lost people? Whether it was strictly a business deal or if we were kidnapped, shouldn't more Africans have more stories to tell and issues to settle about what supposedly happened? There's no anger. There's no concern. I know they have their own list of problems but shouldn't we be somewhat of a priority on that list. 

9. Apparently there are people who can explain this a lot better than me.

PLEASE Don't just take my word for it. Here are some people who I've been listening to over the years that are much more versed on this subject than I am. I'm just a blogger.

2 brothers who I think explain the info in a very organized manner are:

Dane Calloway-      


Kerry Davis-

here are some more great interviews and channels

Also! Google is your best friend! Do your own research!


10. My Take

I've been hearing about this info for the past 5 years. Like I said earlier, it has blown my mind more than any revelation ever in my life. We should definitely question everything. I wouldn't put anything pass white people. We must remember that they control the bulk of the textbooks, media, and other information that comes out. They have basically been telling everyone what and how to think for a while now.  Thank GOD for the internet!  We have to keep an open mind. Nothing is the end all be all. New information is always coming out. Something is always coming out to debunk something else. People once thought a lot of things that we today think is just ridiculous. Definitely do your own research and use common sense but we should never be afraid or dismissive of new information. I think we all need to do our family trees and go back as far as possible. Knowledge is power. Keep in mind that we won't ever have everybody on the exact same page. Even the people who believe we are indigenous have different points of view on what happened.   

Also, I've notice that many of us feel as though this claim will diminish our reparations claim. I feel the opposite. If anything, it'll make the case for reparations even stronger. Slavery definitely still happened. Slavery by another name happened. White terrorism happened. Many of the acts that were passed to get America out of the great depression, but excluded us, happened.  Jim Crow happened. The crack era happened. Red lining happened. Mass incarceration happened. America being built by us, for free, happened.

P.S. Roots was plagiarized.

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