Jada Pinkett Smith is mad (but not mad) at the Golden Globes for omitting Girls Trip

Jada Pinkett Smith is mad at the Golden Globes for not recognizing Girls Trip. Well, she says she's not but obviously she is. Not-upset people don't do twitter rants. Last year in 2016 (I think) she was mad at the Oscars for not nominating her husband, Will Smith, for Concussion and called for a boycott of the Academy Awards. Will she be calling for a boycott of the Golden Globes?

My take

I feel like I've already talked about this in a recent article. Read it! Gabrielle Union had some-what similar complaints, but hers were more about the financial aspect of Black films. Both woman are basically saying that Black Hollywood isn't getting the respect it deserves from regular Hollywood. My question to Jada is: How many Niggas watch the Golden Globes? Are we really watching that? And I'm being serious. Like, I really need some stats. 

Why care?

Why do we keep trying to sit at these people table. They don't want us there! We can't sit with them! But Do we really want to? Do most everyday black people really care about the Golden Globes and the Oscars. I don't. I bet if they did there would probably be a nomination for Girls Trip. Yeah, I know it's not suppose to be based on rating, but I bet it still is. I'm sure they said they'll just have Tiffany Haddish present and call it a day. Boom. Quota reached.

But like I said in my other article (Which Jada obviously didn't read. Shame on her!) we need to build our own shit. Since Girls Trip was written, directed, produced, and starred "black" Americans, should they even care about recognition from white people? It should be more like "Oh! y'all Golden Globe white people like the movie too? Awesome!". Instead of " OMG why won't they talk to us!"

But whatever. I'm just a blogger typing in his office/closet. Here are some of her tweets. While claiming she's not mad, Jada decided to type a fucking term paper worth of tweets so I'm not embedding all of them. I'm sure one of your favorite sites will though. TRADER! JK. 

And I get representation is important but is this about representation or is it about acceptance? 

What's your take? Leave a comment!!!