How long is too long to wait on a text back?

I thought this topic would just be for my single readers in the "dating pool" but I'll let the "taken" in on it too. Haha 

I went on a date with someone I met and the date went well. Afterwards we've been texting back and forth but replies have been inconsistent. There are times when we are texting back and forth as fast as we would be having a face to face conversation. Then there are times when 24hrs (and counting) will go by without a response. I'm now reaching a point to where I don't really want to continue or pursue things any further because I don't want to deal with this frustration in any relationship. Rather it be platonic, romantic, or business, communication is important. I often compare how someone communicates with you to how they respect you. 

Of course, as soon as I officially throw in the towel I'll get a random text. 🙄🙄🙄

Also, the non replies are random. It happens with conversations that I don't even start. I don't even text first anymore. I'm simply replying and engaging in convo and then everything just stops. 


What's your maximum amount of time to wait on a text back? At what moment do you  decided to take some sort of action. What exactly is that action? Do you call, cut off, or just keep sending more text? Comment down below.