Black people claim their "pro black" but are really "pro white"

Let me first say that this post has nothing to do with the brothers in the photo. I think they are awesome. I think they are brilliant. I think they are smart. I am not attacking them or anyone who gets accepted into any school at all.

If "Black" Americans truly want to be taken seriously, we have to stop giving white society all of our praise and energy. We have to stop treating everything that they have like the rarest, most valuable piece of jewelry. We have to take the value out of their culture and ideologies and insert it back into our own.  

We can't hold their accolades and institutions to a higher regard and then turn around and attempt to be "pro black" or "black and proud". Can a people truly be "proud" of who they are and simultaneously believe what another culture is, says, or thinks is not only better, but the best that there ever is, was, and will be? 

Do we understand what the terms "pro black" and "black and proud" are supposed to mean?

It doesn't mean celebrating our musicians winning awards given to them by a predominantly white academy. It doesn't mean sending our children off to white schools (that more than likely had ties to slavery) that will link them into mostly white networks. It doesn't mean sending our athletes off to make colleges and universities millions and then sending them to the pro leagues so they can be used and abused even more.

Nor does it mean not getting the Grammy or Oscar and claiming they're "#sowhite" . It doesn't mean not getting into whichever school and then claiming the system is "racist".

We have to stop giving away all of our brightest, most talented, smartest, and beautiful people. We give them all of our excellence. We can't continue to look for acceptance and validation from them and then strive for any type of sanity as a people. We'll never get it. As long as we are letting other people tell us who and what we are, we will forever be an enslaved people.

If you ask me, I think we are more "pro white" than "pro black" because to us, it's so obvious that "white" is better.