How to Start and Launch a Podcast for Free

People ask me about podcasting all the time. They make me feel like I'm some kind of Podcasting guru. I'm not. But If you are interested in starting your own podcast, I can give you some tips. The least I can do is tell you what worked for me. By the end of this article, you should be ready to record your first podcast. 

Step 1: Find a Partner

Most podcasts have more than 1 person. I'm pretty sure there is at least one out there in world with just 1. But for the most part, no one wants to hear one person talking endlessly. If you do decide to go it alone, make sure you have plenty of guest. You have to have someone on the show who you can engage in conversation with. Partners pull conversation out of each other. This makes the show much more interesting and enjoyable.

Step 2: Find your Niche

What do you want to talk about? It should be something that you actually can talk about forever and don't mind talking about. Nothing you're ashamed of. Nothing you're embarrassed about. It has to be something that you're genuinely interested in and won't put you to sleep while talking about it. 

Once you figure out what your niche is, your all good! The thing I love most about podcasting is that you literally can talk about ANYTHING. There are people out there who are waiting to hear you talk about the most random, common, and uncommon things. You can't be the only person who loves to talk about whatever it is you love to talk about. 


People make this the biggest, most drawn out issue ever. But to me it's the simplest. With equipment, you get what you need and you start. THE END. What most people don't realize is that they already have at least half of what they need to start a podcast. You can use a laptop and I'm pretty sure you can use a phone too. Most people have one or the other or both. 

When it comes to microphones, I have a Blue Yeti USB Microphone. I got it off of Amazon for $100. It's a good quality mic. But it isn't required. I actually can record by talking into my computer as well. Of course the quality won't be as good, but not bad if you are trying to start soon. 

            Blue Yeti USB Microphone

           Blue Yeti USB Microphone


I have a 2010 Macbook. I record with garageband. Which is also available on iphones.  I'm not sure what windows has but Im pretty sure there is some kinda software it either comes with or you can buy to record yourself on. Try a home recording studio software or something in that category. Shouldn't be too expensive.


STEP 4: Rollout 

If you just want to get your stuff out there fast, soundcloud and youtube are your bestfriends! Both are extremely simple. You just upload. THE END.  Then you can share on all social media and promote!

If you want to have your stuff on apple, google, stitcher, and others, you need an RSS FEED. An RSS feed is the one web address that all the hosting sites will use to post your podcast. Every time you upload a new episode it'll automatically upload to everyone who has your RSS feed at once. It's pretty cool.  Most websites come with an RSS feed. I currently use my squarespace account for mine. A lot of other podcasters use Libsyn. Libsyn provides really good stats .I'm in the process of switching to Libsyn. 

Also , you have to choose a day to post your show. Getting everything on a schedule helps build your audience. Some podcasters even choose a day to record multiple shows and post them throughout the month or week. Personally, I don't have time for that. But if you do, have at it!

Then promote your life away. Look out for the "How to promote your podcast" blog post coming soon!