The Twenty-Thirties: Preface

You ever wake up and feel like you're in the I do. Thats what happened when I turned 31. It just felt wrong. Like your in the wrong room. Wrong classroom. Wrong theater. Wrong store. Wrong house. Just wrong.

I felt I had the wrong job, Wrong apartment, Wrong friends. Just wrong.

Turning 30 was awesome! I was happy. I was proud! I was on the beach in Miami. I said good riddance to the 20s. So ready to move on. The entire age of 30 is awesome. You feel this confidence that comes with it. You still look just as good as a 21 year old, just a lot sexier. You're ready to take over the world. You're amazing.

That all goes down hill with 31. Turning 31 can be depressing. But I don't think I ever let myself get fully depressed. Or maybe not consciously depressed.  I kept wondering what I did and didn't do in my 20s. I was feeling like I did too much of this and not enough of that. I've learn to accept where I am at. I've also learned that it's not too late to still do a lot of those things. I call this blog "The twenty Thirties"  because I don't want to redo the 20s.  I'm glad they're over.  What I want is to live life to the fullest in every way. I feel I have the curiosity and enthusiasm of a 21 year old mixed in with the maturity and confidence of a 31 year old. I can't turn back the hands of time and redo the 20's nor can I pretend like I'm still in my 20s because that would be just as foolish. Also, This isn't a blog about me crying about the 20's and listing my shoulda-coulda-woulda's of my 20s. Well, it kinda is but not entirely.  Its about going into my thirties and getting old. lol JK. Not just getting old but also continuing to become the man and person I truly want to be. The show doesn't stop at 29. It just turns into an episode of 60 minutes. lol. JK. more like golden girls. haha. I joke a lot. I'm a stand up comedian in my head with an audience filled with other me's. hahaha

In this series I'll be giving everyone a closer look into my life and my thoughts. Im gonna try really hard to be really honest. We are going to have a blast!!!!!!!!

Oh and one last thing, 30 damn sure ain't the new 20! 

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