5 things you need to successfully quit your job!

Are you thinking about quitting your job? Maybe you should. But before you do, I think they're a couple of things you need to take care of. Take it from someone who quit his job prematurely and has a nice bit of friends who have done the same. I think this check-list is something that you may not need to live and die by, but something you should definitely take a look at before you walk off the plantation.

1. A Plan

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  So true. A plan is by far the most important thing you will need.  I think it is something you should start doing months before you leave your job. If you quit without a plan, you're going to start out behind. You will start out wrong. Having a bad start is something you DO NOT want to do after leaving a job. Too bad a start may force you to return.

When you take that leap of faith you're going to need a parachute, a landing zone, a map, and maybe even more tools to help make sure you don't fall flat on your face. You're also going to need tools to assist you when you actually do fall flat on your face. You also will need a back-up plan. Remember, anything can happen. No one wants the worse to happen but it certainly can. You want to make sure you are as prepared as possible to get whatever it is you truly want.

Planning takes time. Being unemployed without a plan is going to cost you even more time. Time is money that you'll never get back. I suggest you give yourself enough time before quitting to write out a clear detailed plan with goals and deadlines. You may also want to go over your plan with a friend or colleague whose opinion you trust. Make sure it's a real plan that you actually will follow and adhere to.

2. 3 Months income or side gig or both

DO NOT quit without any money. I know it sounds like common sense but you'd be surprise what you might do when you're in the heat of the moment. Your income is about to change. Budgeting and balancing your money and lifestyle is very important. If possible, you should try to save enough money for a solid 6 months. I didn't do this. That was just impossible for me. But what I did do was get a side gig.  I'm sure whatever you're trying to do will cost money. Remember, time is money too. You need a stream of income to cover that cost. But be careful. You don't want your side gig to become your next gig. One thing I wish I would have done was gtotem a side gig enough time in advance to save enough to not have to work as hard on the current side gig. Always be refering back to your goals and activating your plan. Maybe you need to change something. Plans can always be altered and tweaked.


You need someone to tell you the truth. Try to find a person that you trust and will give you a good honest opinion. Be careful. Don't get a negative Nancy that'll shoot down every idea you have. Nor should you get a Paula Abdul that'll cheer for every move you make. You need someone who is critical. Someone you consider smart. A critical thinker you look up to. Someone who knows and understand you and your plan. Preferably someone who is established in the field you're trying to be in.  If you can't find someone in your field, it's not the end of the world. Finding someone who has all (or most) of the other qualities is most important. 

5. To Learn

Learn all you can! If you can't find an actual mentor, get a virtual one! Follow people on social media who are doing what you want to do. Copy some of there strategies and see what works and doesn't work. Read books in your field as well as personal development. Books that will help with your thinking and books that are considered brain food. This also takes time. Don't go and try to read every book and follow every influencer overnight. Read books that you feel are good recommendations and have the most interesting titles. Follow people who you feel you can learn the most from and relate the most to.


GIVE YOURSELF TIME!!! Yes time is the most expensive thing in the world. But that's what success takes. Nothing is overnight. Plans almost always change. I'm not telling you to take it easy. You definitely need to go hard. But you also need to let time do it's job. Don't give up on yourself so fast. Don't go back to work just yet. Isn't the plan to never have to go back ever again? Don't get discouraged when things aren't exactly where you want them to be. Use not being where you think you should be as motivation to evaluate your progress. Maybe your plan was rushed. Maybe your execution will take more or less time than you thought. It happens. Give yourself time to try different strategies. Time to try plan Bs, and Cs.

Hopefully after reading this article you'll be ready to not just quit your job, but also ready to start your life. 



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