Whose wrong? Usher vs The thots

By now, we all know that Usher has been in the hot seat for spreading herpes.  He has already paid out $1 million and now faces another lawsuit for $40 million. That has to be the most money anyone has ever been paid for getting the herps. Hell, I'd take a case for a million bucks. It's not like they caught hiv. It ain't a terminal illness. It's just annoying and embarrassing and gross.

Yes, let's not ignore the fact that it's nasty and embarrassing. Usher dead ass wrong for spreading this to these trashy sluts.  Yes sluts. Trash.  Having unprotected sex with a stranger is bad enough, but If you have unprotected sex with someone who is known to have sex OFTEN, known to have groupies, built his whole entire career off of being a sex symbol. Your trash. I mean aint nothing wrong with getting it in. But be safe. 

Im not even surprise Usher has herpes. Last I heard 1 out of every 5 regular people who prolly don't have as much sex as Usher has it.  You should just assume any male with some  notoriety has every std. Woman throw themselves at them. I'm much more surprised that this info got out. If I was Usher I'd be suing that person or Clinic.

But Usher is trash too. If your gonna be out here actively practicing sex with multiple partners, it should be safe sex. Plus, they're drugs you can take to prevent the spread of herpes. Maybe he needs to go holler at Dr.Sebi's people or some other holistic Dr. We're not even gonna get on the cheating on the exwife with the bridesmaid. To me that's worse than spreading herpes. Like, who do you think you are ? Why did you think it was ok to fuck your wife's bridesmaid the day before yalls wedding? That is a huge judge of character.  

Still an Usher fan. 

At the end of the day, I don't feel anyone has the right to sue for contracting an std after having consensual unprotected sex. We're all adults. Take responsiblity for your own actions.

my stance: The woman are just as much at fault as Usher and don't deserve a dime......maybe he can cover medical expenses.

what do y'all think?  whose wrong ?

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