Twenty-Thirties: Welcome to Club "Not there Yet."

As many of us enter the late twenties and early thirties, we began the "woe is me" stage. Many feel like they don't have the life they'd envisioned 5 to 10 years prior. We get all melodramatic and depressed about our careers, relationships (or lack there of) and more. I'm here to tell you to please shut up  and sit the down somewhere!! You can have a seat next to me in the "Not there Yet" club, or lounge, or whatever you wanna call it. A place that's always full to capacity without any standing room and a line wrapped around the parking lot. I'm at the bar. It's not where we wanted to go...... 

But It ain't that bad. It's actually pretty nice. The drinks are good and cheap too.

If anybody tells you that they are exactly where they wanna be in life, they lyin. Especially if they're "black" (I hate that term!).  Y'all know it's harder for us. We have the biggest dreams with the smallest budgets. Most people, not just us, aren't even in they're right mind while making these plans. You're usually young, irrational and influenced by the wrong things. 

Now don't get me wrong, they're some people that are definitely happy with their situations. I'm not saying people aren't sincerely experiencing joy in their lives. They are. But I don't think it's all about the plans coming to fruition. I think it's much more about choosing to be happy. Which isn't settling. Settling is when u just say fuck it. Choosing to be happy is saying " I'm going to take what I currently have and make the most out of it." And if you still wanna call that settling, fine. I don't care. 

If you're truly unhappy with your life, change it. Don't you hate when people say that?!?! I mean, if it was really that easy don't you think I'd be headlining a tour by now? Do you think I'd still be driving lyft? Do you think I'd still be single? This is life, not an outfit. But it's true. You have to figure out how to change your life. How else is it going to change? That's just obvious. It probably won't happen over night. That also should be obvious but I know when we get our first "no" we automatically think that it's the end of the world. It's not. It's the beginning of life.

Now, back to this "Not there Yet" club. IT'S LIT!! So many beautiful, smart, and talented people. You got college grads, entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, hustlers, wifey material, hubby material. This is actually a great place to be. The club is called "Not there.......yet". So nobody at the club is going to be there too long and everybody in the club is trying to get to somewhere else. It's not a spot you stay in all night. It's a spot you hit on the way to the next spot. Make the most out of your experience in this club. But don't stay all night. Do what you gotta do and leave. Don't get caught up with the wrong people. Don't make friends with the help. We ain't trying to work at the "Not there Yet" club. This place can turn into purgatory real quick. But enjoy yourself. Enjoy not being there yet. Make friends with the people who are trying to leave and go to a better destination. Get with  the people who are headed to the club called "There".

I don't think anyone is truly truly happy with their lives. Even the most successful people feel that they need to improve upon something. Eventually club "There" turns into the new location for club "Not there Yet". If you are still alive, you're too young to be truly happy. There is something you can fix. There is an area of your life that needs improvement. Now if your around the 20-40 age and you think you are truly happy, that's a problem. I feel like after true true happiness comes death. What else do you need? If you have everything you want and have done everything that you need to do, why do you still need to be alive?

So if you don't think you're truly truly happy and feel like you're in the "Not there Yet" club, don't panic. You're in the right place