The Twenty-Thirties: How old is too old to still be pursuing a music career?

Earlier I was on Facebook (which is the best but also the worst place to get blog topics) and I saw someone post "Is it ok for a 30 year old man to still be pursuing a rap career?".  I actually sing but since I too do music, he was talking about me. I mean not really but, you know, really. Then I had to ask myself (something I've been asking me for a while now), At 31, is it ok for me to still be pursuing a music career?

What's wrong with pursuing a career in music? What's wrong with following your dreams? What's wrong with pursing a career in anything if you can (almost) take care of yourself, are (sometimes) a responsible adult, family member, and citizen. I really don't see what the big deal is. Am I hurting someone by pursuing my dreams? I guess some may assume that I'm not being a valuable member to society.  And to be honest, I totally get it. 

I guess people feel like me and everyone else who got caught up "trying to make it" could have been doing something much more beneficial with our lives instead of trying to be the next ___________. I get it. I also understand the frustration with people who drop everything, bet everything, spend everything. and say fuck everything for a music career. 

"When I grow up I wanna be famous." Well, you're an adult now. Let's alter some things. Let's take a hard look at what you really want from this music industry. Does it make sense? Is it attainable? Should you start to settle for less? Is less really a bad thing? Is there a plan? Was there ever a plan? Is there still is a plan?What's the new plan? Does the plan makes sense in this day and age? And what does success look like for you?

Why let music go?

I always said that music is something that I'm always going to do. Whether I'm as big as Michael Jackson, or continue to be where Im at today. I love it. I enjoy making music. I think it's similar to someone my age who enjoys playing basketball and thought they were gonna go pro and never did. They still play because they enjoy the game. But unlike sports, I (and everyone else in the industry) am a contact away from success. Real shit.

But don't get me wrong.  It can definitely be disappointing. It's hard out here for any independent artist. Actually, it's hard out here for all artist. Doesn't matter what genre, being an indie artist takes some serious work and dedication. It's definitely sad sometimes. I did at one time, and sometimes still do (obviously) think that I was going to be the next big thing. I thought I was special.  Then of course they're the "Envious thoughts". I like to called them the "please someone explain this shit to me" thoughts. For now, lets just call them "envious thoughts".  They range from "How did he make it?" to  "His music is trash."  To "She's trash" to "I wish I would have done that however many years ago." to "They actually like this bullshit?" and I could go on for days.

Yeah. I'll admit that I'm a little jaded. Nowadays when I hear people talk about how they do music, in the back of my mind I'm thinking "you'll never make it and you're stupid and you need to run in the opposite direction. Don't waste your time or money (oh my God the money. We're not even going to get on the money that I wasted, or invested or whatever)  on chasing this dream on a road that's actually an obstacle course and the odds are about 1 million to one. It's literally the lottery.

Well guess who just left the studio. MEEEEeee. I know I'm an oxymoron, but I love it. I guess it's my thing. Or at least one of "my things". I guess I'll have to settle for being a musician who makes it after 30.

If you can do music and still be a functional adult and a benefit to your family, your people, your community and society, then dammit, you do it. Matter of fact, substitute the word music for anything that you really want to do and just do it. Basically, if you can multi-task, your aloud to have a hobby/passion project.

But foreal, be realistic.

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