Twenty-Thirties: Where are my tattoos?

Somehow I made it all the way to the age of 31 without getting any tattoos. Commitment issues?? I don't know. But now I'm really starting to question whether me not having any tattoos says something about me as a person. Does it says something bad or good? Am I a commit-a-phobe or am I cautious? Am I a prude or am I safe? Too safe? Who knows. I'm not mad at not having any tats (or am I?). I can always just say fuck it and go to the nearest tattoo parlor and get something real quick. But I always said that if I got a tattoo, it had to mean something. Some may call it lame but I don't care. They say tattoos are about the story, the moment, and the experience and all that dumb stuff. I feel like it's not. Why would you just get a permanent mark on you forever just cause you're having a good time. Take a picture. They last forever too. 

And I'm not one of those "my body is a temple" guys. Well, I am a temple. However, I don't think a tattoo is graffiti on that temple. I feel like it's art. I really do admire a lot of tattoos. But I don't wanna just paint this temple any color. And I don't diss people or look down on them for painting whatever they paint on their bodies. Your body. Your temple. Your art. 

At one point I was thinking about getting all of my album titles tattooed on me. I thought that would be cool. I'm only on number 2. But I think once I finish number 2 I'm gonna get number 1 tattooed on me. But am I a stick in the mud for needing to wait to get a tattoo like this? Actually, no. I'm pretty cool. I think it shows that I like to plan stuff. Though my plans don't always happen, I must admit that I am a planner. Whether I'm planning in my head, out loud, or on paper, planning is something I actually do. Half of that may be dreaming, but you get the picture.

And hell, I committed to a job for 10 years so  I damn sure ain't no commit-a-phobe. But overall I do still feel like me not having any tattoos can represent how I feel about my life. I feel like I haven't taken enough risk. I haven't lived.........enough. I haven't been wild enough. I wasn't bold enough. But see.......I suck at those things. I'm the guys who panicks after weed brownies. I sometimes feel as though I'm not at all about the "fast life." But now that I'm in my 30s and I'm a lil wiser, I think now is the time to really go hard at life. I need to make more moments, create more stories, and have new experiences. Dammit, I need to get a tattoo.