Should your coworkers be your friends? #twentythirties

"your co-workers are not your friends. Get your money and go home"

Is this true? For me, it took time. I no longer work at a regular job but I do still communicate with some people from the old job. Not everyone at work is a friend. But still till this day, some of my best friends are ex-coworkers. So I think it depends.

Some kind of friendship will develop when you're spending over 40 hours a week (in most cases) with a group of people. That's more time than many people spend with their family and outside friends. It's only 24 hours in a day. Plus you gotta sleep and commute and do a bunch of other stuff. Most adults don't have a lot of time for outside friends. Maybe a couple. But not a lot. Even if you try to fight it, some type of bond is sure to happen. To me, it also made it convenient. I'm at work and I'm spending time with friends. I'm killing two birds with one stone. It also makes the time go by faster at work. However, you may find yourself having too much fun and missing out on career goals, promotions, and other things. But those things aren't any fun so who needs goals? Joking. Then there's the coworker who gets promoted and becomes your boss. That can be a great thing or the end to a great work-friendship. 

I've always had a couple of friends outside of work that I do keep in touch with. There were times when I didn't want to see, hear, or smell anybody or anything having to do with work. Even if we were just out having drinks or something. I get it. Everyone is different outside of work. But sometimes in order to escape the job you have to damn near skip town or go ghost. 

With that being said, there were times when I just didn't attend some outside of work (but still work) functions. I love everybody and it has nothing to do with anyone not being a joy to be around. Frankly, I got tired of seeing the same old people. 

I also think it has a lot to do with timing and the environment. When I was 20, I was fairly new to Atlanta and wasn't meshing (at all) with college classmates or college life in general. No one was mean or rude, I just wasn't really involved in the college experience. I sucked at networking. I was awkward. I was shy. I felt out of place. I felt alone. College for me was just new and wrong. I was in class barely existing. I didn't like the classes. I didn't feel motivated enough by my major to tough it out. I didn't live on campus. School wasn't fun for me. It felt like work. It felt more like work that my actual job. Georgia State was more of a commuter school at the time I was in school. It's a lot better now. They even have a football team! But I think I would have benefited more from a traditional college. That sense of community and belonging was what I actually found at work. 

So when I did get a job, I eventually (it took a while) opened up and made some new friends. I worked at a restaurant with other people around my age. We all hung out together. We drank together, dined together, traveled together, laughed, cried, depended on one another, and became really good friends. We kind of came of age together. I needed that. 

Now fast forward to the age of 27 and things are a lil different. I decided to switch work locations and I was around a new bunch of people. My mindset was totally different this time around. I was literally only there for the money and I think my coworkers picked up on it really fast. Great bunch of folk.  Still loved everyone. I was never the problem child at work. But I never really fucked with anyone outside of work and it wasn't intentional. At this location I had real life "work friends". Our entire friendship was at the job.....and no where else. Don't get me wrong, whenever I saw anyone in the streets it was all love. I liked there ig pics. We were FB friends and all that. If I was them today, it would still be all love. But it It had always been work but it was a different kind of work. For the most part, I literally was making my money and going home. 

Now at the current age of 31, I have no work friends because I have no work! My work is mainly me driving people around and delivering food. I must admit that I do miss the work friends. I don't miss them enough to go back to the job but just enough to think about them from time to time. But I'm moving on. And if they want me they know how to reach me.