I agree with Nipsey Hussle? Is that bad?

So Rapper Nipsey Hussle had this to say about an image he posted on ig. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.28.02 AM.png

Apparently they're gay black people out in the universe that are offended by this post. I'm not. I'm rarely offended when everyone else is. I'm a gay black male and I don't get offended nearly as often as others who are apart of any of those 3 groups. This doesn't mean that I agree with everything that everyone else is offended by. I'm just unmoved. 

When it comes to what Nipsey Hussle had to say in his caption I actually agree or maybe I understand what he is trying to say. Or maybe I think I do. I don't know. I know I don't disagree. We all know that the black community is under attack in more ways than one. We all know that we are often portrayed in ways that aren't the best or most beneficial to the community as a whole. I think his post had a lot more to do with the image of men than it was about bashing homosexuals. I honestly didn't feel bashed at all.

And as a black man I do see black men being portrayed as hyper violent. I do see the abandoner i.e.; single moms. I know you can't tell what the men in the picture sexuality is but I feel the media does often pushes a certain look or type of homosexual to the forefront. This is something I think gay black men should be more concerned about. I always said I'd love to see more shows with regular gay men (and you know what I mean by regular). Nothing off the top and over exaggerated but just some regular, good quality, real life shit. And not dl or stereotypical masculine black men either. I feel like most of Black America still has a certain image in their heads when they think of gay Black Men. Even if they don't know anyone who resembles that image and may actually know some guys that are gay and "regular", there's still a certain image in their head when they think of gay Black Men. I'm not saying whether that image is good or bad, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that most of them don't like it much.

Oh, and I know we had Noah's Arc but I didn't have showtime. And was that even good?

And it's a fact that gay black men are seen as less threatening. We  actually get treated better in the workplace.  Being less threatening can equate to weakness. Do I think gay black men are weak? No. But apparently the rest of America considers us to be a lot more approachable as we appear more gay and less like a regular everyday black man (and again, you know what I mean by regular). They even pay more.

-Side bar, when any us get in these positions, it's our job to use our new found power to pull our other brothers and sisters up. No matter the gender or sexuality.-

So when Nipsey Hussle (Who I'm not a fan of because I simply don't pay him much attention. Not because I dislike him or his music.) said what he said I wasn't mad. I get it. Lets stop treating each other like the enemy and let's start trying to "get" each other. 

And that goes for all sides who can give me five on the black hand side.