The Gay Agenda: A Black Gay Man's Perspective.

There are so many lines being drawn within the black community and not even by us. One of the most notable is the one drawn between male and female. This unnecessary gender war has been brewing for a while now. I do feel it's finally about to cool. We still have a long way to go but more and more people are realizing unity is the answer.

But there's another line that's being drawn. It's between gay and straight. This is what I believe the gay agenda really is. It's not so much about making everybody gay. It's about drawing a line between the black LGBTQ and black heterosexuals. It's about creating more divisiveness. I think there are people falling for it on all sides of the community. From the Black Lives Matter website not including straight black men, to people being ostracized because of their sexuality, both sides are participating in it. From people thinking homosexuality will destroy the black community to people thinking that gay is a race and that you're gay first, both sides are participating in it. 

We must first realize that before we are anything, we're "black/African-American" (for lack of better words).  We're a race of people. We are a People. Before we're men, women, gay, or straight, we are each other. We are our parents, grandparents, forefathers and foremothers. Ain't nothing wrong with having your own separate interest but we must keep our eyes on the prize. We all need to win. Not just any subgroup by themselves. All of us. We're a community. WE can't win if just some of us win. That's not a win.  The entire team has to win and not just a couple players. We're only as strong as our weakest link. We need each other. We are a tribe. Here are some things to consider:

We're all unique beings.

We're not all the same soul. We have different passions, desires, wants, and purposes. But I feel that the betterment of the entire community should be involved in all of those things. 

Ain't nothing wrong with subgroups.

There's nothing wrong with identifying with someone who is like you or someone you have something in common with.  If you're gay, you need gay friends. If you're straight, you need straight friends. If you're a man (gay or straight) you need men friends. If you're a woman (gay or straight) you need women friends. It's when we take our subgroup's interest and prioritize that particular interest above everything else that hurts more than help. 

Are we much more alike than different? 

Yes. We ALL have way more in common with each other (whether you want to talk about it or not) than we think.

So is there a gay agenda?

Yes. I believe there is a gay agenda. They're actually quite a few agendas. Whenever you see something promoted in media, it's an agenda. Good agenda or bad agenda? That's for you to decide. What "they" are trying to do or say with the agenda? That's for you to assume. But there definitely is an agenda. At the same time, I can't say that it is the reason I'm gay. Why am I gay? Who knows. These are the cards that I was dealt and I'm going to play my hand. But I can't remember seeing someone gay on TV and instantly thinking I wanted to be like that person.  I will, however, say that the media definitely had a hand in me wanting to be an artist.

I do feel that there are now more gay people than ever. This could be for a couple reasons: 

1. I'm apart of the culture. 

2. I live in Atlanta. All large cities with a large black population have large black gay populations (whether you know it or not). But I do feel Atlanta is bit bolder and has become a safe haven of sorts for people wanting to come into their own and be themselves. Especially in the South. Kinda like a gay sanctuary city. 

3. I think it's similar to the interracial effect. When you see an interracial couple here or there, they stand out. Even though studies still show that most people still date and marry inside of their own race, those few couples you see are far more noticeable than the tons of same race couples you see. Gay is similar. You think because you see gay people here or there that everybody is gay. But I personally feel that those people are just standing out. You're not noticing the (would be) straight people. And I say "would be" because I don't know what y'all do at home. 

4. I think we all participate in labeling a lot of things that are simply just outside of the box gay.

I don't think I'm gonna put all of this into one article but I'll just end with this: United we stand and divide we fall.