Bruno Mars DID NOT deserve those Grammys!!

Yeah I said it! I Bruno is very talented but I feel like he just went back in time to 1990, tried on a jacket (that jacket being music) and came back to the present. There was no blending "the jacket" into his personal style and making it his own. He just tried it own and kept it moving.

Personally, when it comes to artistry, originality reigns supreme. I don't care how good a singer, dancer, or performer you are. A lot of people can do those things and those talents are duly noted as well. But are you unique? Are you different? Are you interesting? That (for me) is the difference between a good artist and a great artist. I explain more in the video. Subscribe. 

I like Bruno I just don't see any originality. It's a bit of a caricature to me. 

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