Are The Migos trying to mend relationship with Gay Fans by putting Gay artist on "Walk it Talk it" Remix?

While everyone's gushing over Coachella and panicking at the threat of a new war on the horizon, a remix to "Walk it Talk it" by Atlanta rap trio, The Migos, quitely surfaced online. The new version of the song opens up with a new (and what seems to be gay) artist named DeShaun Duron. The trio has a history of being called homophobic. In the past Offset made headlines for having homophobic lyrics and the group faced some backlash for allegedly refusing to perform with Drag queens on stage at an SNL performance with Katy Perry. 

Well, it looks like the trio may be turning a new leaf! And it's a smart move.

In the remix to their hit Walk it talk it, the new artist [Duron], raps bold lyrics such as "He might be gay but he can still get p****y by the pound."  and then alludes to having a ménage à trois with a man and a woman. After Duron verse ends, the song continues with The Migos and Drake respectively.  

Hip Hop (and music in general) doesn't have a great history with the gay community. Though many artist have gay anthems and it's always been rumored that the Gays run the Music and Entertainment industry, there have only been a handful of major gay artist. Many rap lyrics have repeatedly been called homophobic and till this day, there hasn't been 1 major openly gay male hip hop artist. The artist that are gay in music and hip hop tend to have smaller niche platforms or work more so behind the scenes. However, many artist have been rumored to be gay and on the "down low".  But nothing has ever been confirmed by any artist (especially male hip hop artist).

Could the Migos be on to something major. We'll have to wait and see. While you're waiting check out the dope remix to Walk it talk it featuring Drake and introducing DeShaun Duron.