Beyonce just may have surpassed Michael: Here's the why and the how!

By now I'm sure you've heard about Coachella, or BeyChella, and how awesome it was. Well, I'm not here to give a review of the show. I'm sure you can easily find about a million reviews on Youtube. But I do want to talk about Beyonce and what her almost ceremonial performance means. I think what we witnessed was much more than just another great Beyonce performance. When I first heard about her performance, I didn't rush to watch it, even though everyone was ramping and raving about it. I mean, it's Beyonce. We should all know by now that she always puts on a stellar show. But this time it was a little different. This time Beyonce reached yet another level in her career. 

It's almost like a character on a video game or an X-man. A mutant reaches a certain level and they unlock another element of their gift. This is what I feel happened during Beychella. Beyonce is now seriously being compared to Michael Jackson. Some are even saying that (GASP) she is a better performer than the late King of Pop. What's even more surprising is that the people that are saying this aren't your typical Beyhivers. These words are coming from generation-x'ers, Gossip queens, men from the "conscious" community and more. Beyonce is now being called the greatest performer of all time. Just 5 years ago, people wouldn't dare put Beyonce and Micheal Jackson in the same sentence. Not even me. I love Beyonce. But the love I got for Mike is way deeper. I was a fan of him first and grew up on Mike. To me, he was always the best. He was the standard. He was the bar.

Well that bar has officially been raised. 


And why not?!?!! Let her be great! She should be great. We should want the bar to be raised.  We always complain about how no one is doing anything special and then Beyonce comes and do this and people are fighting it. Someone should be doing better than Michael Jackson by now. Mike peaked in what, the 80s or 90s? That was 25-35 years ago. With all the technology and inspiration these artist have, bars should be raised more often. Then you just have to give to her. The girl is kinda great. From work ethic to showmanship to pure talent, she's a beast. And her growth has been stellar and just a joy to witness. I have absolutely no problem with giving Beyonce all the glory. Why? Because she so deserves it. 

Something else that was brought to my attention was the fact that Beyonce is a woman. Duh right? But Blu Pill on the Blackmagic363 youtube channel explained this very well. He basically said that since the essence of performing is a feminine energy, a woman would naturally be a better performer than a man. With Beyonce having exceptionally strong feminine energy, it kinda gives her a edge over Mike. Think about it. Most of the best singers are usually women. More women are dancers. They're more graceful. Woman have stronger personas. Women "act-out" more. By "act-out" I'm saying they're usually more dramatic (in both good and bad ways). They usually aren't as afraid to express themselves, whether it's on a dance floor or through fashion. Women are all around better communicators. Women are more emotional and some would say more spiritual creatures. I've seen more women catch the "holy ghost" than men. So they may be better at tapping into the magic of performance. Does that make since? If not, then here's the video



Now, I would say that some other things did contributed to Beyonce's new level of greatness. 

1. Coachella being streamed. If millions of us could't watch the ceremony, the moment wouldn't have happened. The streaming of Coachella not only helped Beyonce, it helped Coachella. I've leaned more about that music festival within the last week than I ever had in my whole entire life. The streaming ultimately led to my next point. 

2. People who don't usually watch Beyonce were watching Beyonce. I kept hearing how people "never bumped Beyonce in their car" and how "they didn't listen to Beyonce like that". Well, that made the effect even more dramatic. Though she's been out for about 20 years, they're still people that don't pay her any attention "like that". Those of us who haven't been sleeping under a rock know that Beyonce is always going to bring it. That's why I wasn't in a rush to see the show. Like I said earlier, it's Beyonce. But if you still thought she was all hype and you're just now witnessing the greatness that is Beyonce, then yeah, your gonna be amazed. 

3. Beyonce's "Black". Within recent years Beyonce has publicly embraced her "Blackness". But this Coachella performance was like an overdose and we all died and went to heaven. We enjoyed every bit of it. It was good ol' southern "blackness".  HBCU's, bands, the black national anthem, symbolism, black feminism and more. Whether you wanna say she's following the woke "trend" or that it was sincere, the pride she displayed for our people and our culture was beautiful. It made "black" America proud and gave her an extra seal of approval. All great artist need some socially conscious moments and causes added to their resume when they're applying for Legend status. "Black" was the perfect addition. 

4. Lack of competition.  For every person who loved Michael, there's a person who loved Prince. Prince was easily Michael's biggest rival. He was just as talented in a completely different way and everyone knew this. Michael definitely knew it. Mike was well aware that Prince was his competition. Even before Prince blew up, Mike knew that Prince was going to be a problem. 

Beyonce's her own competition. Yeah, it's other artist out there. However, today the industry is a much different place and opportunities to become a "Beyonce" are slim. I'm not saying no one else is as talented but no one else (at least not black) is as "set up". And like I said earlier, she deserves everything she has. So I'm in no way, shape, or form trying to take any accolades from her.  But you gotta give just as much credit to the "set-up" and team as you would to just Beyonce individually. She's great. But she's also lucky. And when luck meets up with preparation, you have success.

So to this I say: "All hail the Queen". She earn it. She deserves it. AND I'M HERE FOR IT!