Kanye. Who cares.......y'all care.

Y'all get on me nerves. Got me blogging about one of my forbiddens..........

Stop paying attention to Kanye West and everything that has to do with him. This is nothing but a huge distraction and stunt for whatever he has coming out. Kanye is not going crazy. Kanye is not in a sunken place. Kanye is being Kanye. This is who he is. Let's stop making excuses for him. Yes, his mom died. Yes, losing a parent has an effect on the child no matter the age. But the person you see is the person that has always been. He is not sick. He is not suffering. He's a god damn brat who figured out the art of being an attention whore. This is probably why he married one. Who you choose to spend the rest of your life with screams a lot about you. But let's stay on topic.

This is more than likely who Kanye would have been had he never been famous and his mother still was alive. Fame, money, and other major events in your life usually amplify who you already are. This is who this nigga (and honestly a lot of other niggas) is. The difference between Kanye and other everyday dudes is that his personality has mutated and multiplied because he has a huge platform. We all know at least one. That dude who thought he was so different, and special, and unique, and such an individual, and misunderstood. Well Kanye is that times 10. I believe that certain fates are certain fates. Meaning, by time you turn 40, you are probably who you were gonna be under most (not all) circumstances. Of course you wouldn't be the exact same but you wouldn't be a completely, totally, different soul. If Kanye was not famous he would still run into other problems. He ain't the only one who been through some shit. He would probably still be the guy who you see today. Perhaps a milder version.   

The best way to combat attention whores is to stop giving them attention. Stop with the videos. Stop with the tweets. Stop the IG. Stop the social media all together. Honestly, I probably should stop with this article. It's like that one Simpson's Halloween episode when the advertisements became monsters and then they all died once everyone stopped paying them attention. There should be a way to tell your computer, or phone, or ip address that you want to block any and all searches of any particular word. So whenever I'm online minding my business I don't bump into BS I don't wanna wast moments of my life on. It's too easy to run into BS online. But we can talk about that later.

But anyway

Whenever someone becomes an attention whore in this day and age, they win. People always say ho's be winning. No. Attention ho's be winning. Now that Kanye is "canceled", we'll just start paying some other ho that attention.